PERAA Benefit Package

  1. Prime Benefits

    1. Retirement Benefits (Ages 50-70)
      100% Lump Sum (LS)

    2. Disability Benefits
      Paid in lump sum.

    3. Death Benefits
      Paid in lump sum.

    4. Resignation Benefits
      Total or partial withdrawal of fund paid in lump sum.

  2. Auxiliary Benefits

    1. Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL)
      Maximum loanable amount is P30,000 open to qualified members.

    2. Minimum Death Benefit (MDB)
      Additional protection for beneficiaries of deceased members (P15,000 to P85,000).

    3. Group Life Insurance Benefits
      With 10 plans to choose from convertible to individual life policy.

How to apply for benefits
Accomplish the benefit application forms available in PDF for downloading (See Forms)