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              The Outstanding Peraa Members 2014


Marissa S. Quezon, Ph.D. - First Place
University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City (20 Yrs. Service)

Dr. Quezon is a Dean in College of Business & Accountancy. When asked about the risks to children nowadays, she thought of two things; one is being not so mindful of basic things like courtesy because of the influence of media or anything around them; second is the downside of the technology inducing the kids to be lazy because everything is made easy.

Ardniel A. Baladjay - Second Place
Southern Christian College, Midsayap, North Cotabato (15 Yrs. Service)

Mr. Baladjay is a Dean in College of Agriculture. His mission is to influence his students to be attached to their homeland. Also, he aims to direct the thinking of students that farming is not a hand-to-mouth existence. Mr. Baladjay believes that our country has an edge over its neighbors because the Philippines is still primarily an agricultural country.

Ana Belen O. Noble, Ph.D. - Third Place
Lorma Colleges, San Fernando City, La Union (13 Yrs. Service)

Dr. Noble is a Dean in College of Computer Studies and Engineering.  She is very strict with her students especially on their exposure to social media. She would rather divert their attention to their studies. For her College, she gave her dedication and her time which paved way for Lorma Colleges to be the first in the Region to earn the Center for Excellence and Center of Development recognition by CHED. 



Ricver P. Ureta - First Place
University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City (6 Yrs. Service)

Mr. Ureta is an Assistant Professor 1-6 at the University. For him, heroism is not in the packaging but in the nobility of purpose and greatness of the heart. As a moderator to the Education Student Council; he saw it fit to start with what they call Eskwela sa Kalsada where children are taught basic Math, English and Science. Now, in coordination with a government agency and a benefactor, the program has expanded to three areas.

Amseva M. Bentayao, MED-LT - Second Place
San Pedro College, Davao City (21 yrs. Service)

Dr. Bentayao is a full-time Faculty in College of Arts & Sciences (Language Division). She starts her class with a game related to the lesson to motivate her students and encourage them to be themselves inside the classroom. Dr. Bentayao was awarded Most Outstanding PACSA Mindanao Adviser Award (2010-2012) by the Phil. Assoc. of Campus Student Advisers in 2012.

Noel B. Orquinaza, Ph.D. - Third Place
John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo Inc., Iloilo City (8 Yrs. Service)

Dr. Orquinaza is a full-time Instructor at the University. Commenting on what is lacking in Philippine Education, he opined that there is a need for an improved system. He is up to doing “Bayanihan” if needed. Dr. Orquinaza is very active in doing counseling for the less educated children of Brgy. San Antonio of Oton, Iloilo which he was given the Modelong Guro Award by the local government of Oton, Region VI-Western Visayas last June. 



Ralph L. Pador, Ph.D. - Second Place
John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo Inc., Iloilo City (33 Yrs. Service)

Dr. Pador is an Administrator at the University. He believes that the K to 12 program of the government would boost more our country’s intention to be at the forefront of the global labor market. The university was awarded by the International Association of Multidisciplinary Research (IAAMURE) the World Publication Productivity Award in 2013 with Dr. Pador as its Administrator.

Bernard Nicolas E. Villamor - First Place
Cebu Institute of Technology University, Cebu City (8 Yrs. Service)

Mr. Villamor is a Director for Management Information System & Student Personnel. His greatest achievement is the automation of all the systems of the university and pioneered the Peer Mentoring Program which was inspired by a mentor from Norway. It is such a success that he is willing to share it with other schools. Moreover, his focus now is to be with the youth, his students.

Lloyd V. Orduña, Ed. D. - Third Place
University of Baguio, Baguio City (27 Yrs. Service)

Dr. Orduña is the Vice President for Administration / Research & Development Director. As Director for Research & Development, Dr. Orduña re-chartered and organized the research department making possible the fast-paced production of researches in the university. He was awarded the Gold Service Award by the Boy South of the Philippines (BSP) in 2006. 



Lea C. Papay - First Place
University of Baguio, Baguio City (13 Yrs. Service)

Ms. Papay is a Section Head Librarian III at the University. For her, the more Hi Tech the system is, the better. She emphasizes that though information are readily available in the net, not all information are reliable unlike the books which have undergone technical screening before it can be published. In her essay, she opined that concerted efforts and a call to commitment are crucial for the success of the K2 -12 program.

Mary Luna Dawn B. Cabingan - Second Place
John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University-Molo Inc., Iloilo City (17 Yrs. Service)

Ms. Cabingan is a Guidance Counselor who believes that Teachers should be given due recognition as modern day heroes. For her, playing a vital role in the students’ lives, Teachers possess qualities and skills befitting that of a hero.  Also, strong leadership capabilities, willingness to sacrifice, supporting a cause for the good of others to name a few. She adds that possessing these qualities shouldn’t stop there. Instead, teachers must continually learn in order to increase their personal worth.

Giovannie T. Dacuba - Third Place
Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Zamboanga City (20 Yrs. Service)

Mr. Dacuba is a Senior Office Support Staff at the university. He takes special pride in teachers in the far-flung areas who risk their lives for the sake of educating those who have little or no access to formal schooling. He said that modern-day hero is not someone who is extraordinary; it is someone who is ordinary who does something extra for others. He was awarded by the Municipality of Zamboanga with Exemplary Service to the Community in February 2014.